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The State of Logic Podcast, hosted by Kevin Van Eekeren and Stephen Grutzius. Kevin and Stephen connect the dots on relevant topics with interesting people as their guests. They explore recent books, culture, movies, science, politics and other random thoughts about life.  By bringing interesting topics to light, they inspire curious people to understand the world we live in a little better.

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Stephen Grutzius

Stephen is the Founder of Solutions for Growth, a niche consulting firm located in Scottsdale, Arizona. His primary focus currently is on developing IOT products and services. Stephen has interwoven his high drive for success and creative, entrepreneurial spirit into everything he has done. Having his hand in multiple startups over the past decade has given him expertise in the startup world but also new business development strategy.  He always finds the perfect fit for his companies and clients by creating beneficial partnerships for fast growth. Stephen has refined a proprietary repeatable process for assessment and improvement that has worked across multiple industries.  Stephen helped launch The State of Logic as part of that endeavor as another medium to connect with interesting people and share his unique insights on being an entrepreneur, business owner and self-proclaimed idea junky.

“I want this experience to be one where my guests and listeners gain something from our honest and transparent approach to content.”

Kevin Van eekeren

Kevin started his career as a logistic officer for a SWAT team, which gave him insight into the criminal justice world, and he soon found that through training SWAT teams better he could reduce the use of force while bettering the national security of our country.  Fulcrum Tactical was born out of that idea, and within 18 months he expanded it from a charity to a for-profit company.  He started investing in startups on the side but focused on Fulcrum Tactical and his new venture, Fulcrum Farms a sustainable farm producing high-quality meat and eggs for families and restaurants in the Chicagoland area.  After six years Kevin sold Fulcrum Tactical and moved on to investing in startups full-time by starting Fulcrum Investing.  Kevin spends his free time co-hosting The State of Logic Podcast and has also continued his passion for farming.

” I use the podcast to defray the myths I run into as facts; I think it is amazing to connect and chat with our guests on the show as well as join others on their podcasts.”

#1 Intro to the state of logic

Kevin and Stephen sit down and interview each other on the creation of the podcast a little about their experience and how they ended up starting a podcast.

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Fulcrum Investing is about finding great people with great ideas.  While there are a few sectors or industries that we prefer over the next, we can’t stress enough how important the people are at this stage. We have been known to pass on potentially great ideas if we weren’t clicking with the entrepreneur and weren’t able to add much value. We like mobile, social media, e-commerce, point-of-sale, but try to keep an open mind so let us know about your idea!!!

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Solutions for Growth will help you grow your company by creating partnerships that leverage your strengths to acquire new customers, penetrate a broader range of markets or intensify your presence in current markets. Our specialized development process accelerates traction. Depending on the needs of your business, our services range from business plan consulting, go-to-market strategy, target market analysis and research, deal flow analysis, as well as operations and process refinement. We create and implement metric driven action plans for tangible results.
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